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SEVEN HILLS MEDICAL CENTER - Brooklyn & Franklin Square, NY
We are NOW offering Near Lazer Liposuction at both locations. Its very convenient and effective with fraction of the cost of Surgical Liposuction

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What is NLAL LIPO?
NLAL stands for Near Laser Assisted Lipolysis ( fat cell reduction) This unique technology uses high energy light to effortlessly release fat and shrink fat cell by more than 50%.

1. Lose inches and weight painlessly
2.All procedures tailored to your needs
3. No surgery /downtime/non-invasive
4.excellent for those last 10 pounds
5.Targets problem areas: waist, thighs, upper legs and more

Why you should consider it:
1.If you have fat in areas that you cant get rid of by diet and exercise :NLAL LIPO is a great solution
2.If you want to lose 1 or 2 dress sizes fast
3.If you want to get firm, risk free

How it is different from liposuction?
No anesthesia or cutting 
NO pain
Fat cells shrink but remain intact-no liposuction deformity

Laser Lipolysis

Lazer Lipolysis