Seven Hills Medical Center - Membership - Brooklyn, NY
SEVEN HILLS MEDICAL CENTER - Brooklyn & Franklin Square, NY
Membership plans:Become a Seven Hills Member & start saving

Platinum Membership
30 % off of all products
Platinum membership: 50$ per month or 499$/yr
Minimum 6 months required.

Gold Membership
25% off all Products
Gold membership:40$per month or 399$/Yr
Minimum 6 months required.

Silver membership
20% off all Products
Silver membership: 30$ per month or 299/yr
Minimum 6 months required.

All The above discounts applies to
Body Composition Analysis,
Cool Sculpting,
Laser Lipo,
IV Nutrient/Vitamin  Therapy,
IM Nutri-boosters like B12, Fat Burner,Vitamin D, CoQ10, Glutathione.

It doesn't apply to  co-pays, deductibles nor decrease the wait time if any